Themed Ceremony

Are you theatrically inclined & want to make a big production out of your ceremony?

Looking for a way to get your guests more involved in your wedding than just being spectators?

Have a particular date that you want to celebrate your special day on?

Are you big into your heritage & want to incorporate some old-fashioned customs that were used by your ancestors?

Weddings are where we should let our imaginations run away with us and do what WE want. After all, it is YOUR day, right?

Why NOT turn your ceremony into a stage play, complete with props & overly-dramatic speeches!

Get your guests OFF their chairs & let them feel that they had a real hand in helping you celebrate your nuptials!

Have your wedding on Hallowe’en or Easter & have your GUESTS dress up too (an entire roomful of witches or bunnies sounds kind of fun)!

Dress in Viking garb and offer your partner their ring from the end of your SWORD!

Some of the pre-designed themed ceremonies I have available are:

Cultural Heritage

Norse, Celtic, Grecian, Gaelic, Hindu, Jewish


Floral, Astrological, Tarot, Elemental, Precious Stones


Autumn & Spring Equinox, Summer & Winter Solstice


Gothic, Faery, Peasant Tradition, Warrior


Hallowe’en, Easter, St. Valentines’ Day, New Years’ Day/Eve

By all means, should you have any ideas that you would like to try to turn into your own special ceremony, bring them to the table & I will do my best to make them work for you.