Ceremony Options

Basic Ceremony

Simple repeat-after-me style vows and ring exchange –┬áminor customizing at no extra charge.

Custom Vows

Modification of Basic Ceremony to include any extensive changes or inserts. Find out more


Ancient Celtic tradition of having the wrists wrapped with braided cords or ribbon – symbolic of the two lives now being joined as one. Learn more


Another older British Isles/African custom of stepping over a decorated broomstick -representing crossing from the old life into the new. Learn more

Unity Sand Ceremony

Relatively new ceremony element of mixing coloured sand together from two or more individual vases into one container – the blending of lives now inseparable. Learn more

Love Letter & Wine Box Ceremony

Heartfelt letters, locked away in a wine box together, to be saved and revealed years later as part of a milestone celebration. Learn more

Themed Ceremony

Complete Pre-Designed Special-Themed Ceremonies

Custom Vows & Handfasting included. If you would like to receive a no-obligations price quote on the ceremony options you are interested in, please go to the Contact page and give me your details, and I will be happy to get back to you within 48 hours. Learn more

Purchase of the Marriage License & any & all Ceremony supplies is the responsibility of the couple to be wed.