Broom Jump

Broom Jump Ceremony | Magickal Marriages by Mark Murray | www.magickalmarriages.comIn the old days, the broom was a symbol of fertility, as well as a common household tool. It was the third item brought into the home of a newlywed couple, the first being bread, which represented comfort, and the second being salt, which represented wealth. It was used to sweep their pathway as they entered the home, symbolizing the removal of obstacles.

Ancient Celtic traditions had the newly wedded couple step or jump over the broom for luck, fortune, fertility of family and lands, and to show that they would accept the ordinary tasks of the home together, which as a daily household tool the broom represented.

The broom can be decorated any number of ways, from simply wrapping ribbon around the handle which matches the wedding colours, to elaborate fabrications involving ivy and flowers woven into the bristles, and even giving small ribbon favours to guests to write their well-wishes on, and then having the guests tie them to the handle before the ceremony.

Legend has it that the first of the couple to touch ground on the other side of the broom is the one ‘in charge’ of the marriage (most couples agree to step at the same time so as to avoid conflict on this matter).

For one or both members of the couple to trip when stepping over the broom is another portend of impending doom for the marriage (if you believe that any of your wedding party might think that lifting the broom at the last second would be a great joke to play on you, you may want to consider asking someone else to be the broom-holder).

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